Company history

1881 - all started with a light bulb

In 1881 Emil Rathenau acquired the Edison patent for Germany.

Two years later Rathenau founded the „Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft DEG“ in Berlin. The first product produced under the AEG brand was the  electric light bulb.




Renaming in „AEG Allgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft“.



Presentation of the first electrical heating products in Berlin (e.g. scissor warmer, cigar lighter, electric iron and an open-outlet water heater)



AEG hired the architect Peter Behrens for the corporate design. Peter Behrens was not only the father of German industrial design - he was also the founder of corporate identity. Behrens created for AEG logos, advertising material and company publications with a consistent, unified design.



1910 - 1930

AEG instantaneous water heaters in the years 1909, 1910 and 1930.



The “AEG Hausgeräte Werk” in Nuremberg multiplied the output for electrical heating products in comparison to the time before the Second World War. The factory was also producing washing machines for domestic demands.



For the first time in Europe a complete residential area in Essen is being heated with AEG electrical stone heaters.

1982 - 1994

In 1982 Daimler Benz took over AEG.

12 years later, in 1994, Electrolux took over the „Home Comfort Segment” of AEG. The headquarter for the worldwide activities is placed in Nuremberg.




The STIEBEL ELTRON Group bought the „Electrolux Haustechnik GmbH”. The company was renamed in „EHT Haustechnik GmbH“ and is still responsible for the worldwide research, development and sales activities under the premium brand AEG for Home Comfort products.



125 years AEG Haustechnik – a long tradition is celebrating its anniversary.